Deep Black

The star systems of Tranquility lie on the boarder between the established planets and the colonies in the Deep Black Frontier. The deadly, dirty, hardships of space travel. The excitement of discovery. Outlaws. Bounty hunters. Smugglers and bandits. And, those just working hard to keep alive. Hunger, lack of oxygen, broken down spaceships, the deep cold vacuum of space, life looking down the barrel of a gun. Yeah, this is the frontier of Tranquility. Are looking for honest pay? A quick dirty reward? Justice for the colonies? Or perhaps, you don’t care where you go. You just know it’s out there in the Black.

Tranquility is an Apocalypse World hack. The beauty of AW is how flexible the system is and how many Hack are available. I think it’s a testament to a game when it is so elegantly designed that not only is it a blast to play, but it can be reshaped and enjoyed in new ways.

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Deep Black

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