Stone Borne

Eben is an ancient kingdom with many dark secrets hidden in the shadows. Legend says it was build from the heart of a mountain. It is a single city kingdom divided over the millennia into seven sections. Its golden age has passed. Internal conflicts are swelling. Threats of war are looming. However, none of these strike fear in the hearts of the Eben-Dwellers and Rightful as much as the secrets and whisper in the shadows. Who are the Stone Borne? Why are they feared? What dangers lie waiting in the whispered secrets?

This game series is based off the Apocalypse World hack Havoc. Havoc includes a module for a Medieval Fantasy game titled Dragon’s Kill. Dragon’s Kill is similar in many respects to Dungeon World (also based off Apocalypse World), however Dragon’s Kill aims at being a much darker and mysterious experience. Perfect for Stone Borne.

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