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Humanoid Races


Humans are the pigeons of this realm. They are every where! The primary human lands are to the west. There are three major islands.

Humans range from 4’11" to 7’ tall. The average human is 5’10". They come in all shapes and colors. The average human lives for 55-70 years.


Mountain Dwarves

There are 7 mighty clans and about 18 lesser clans. There is always tension between the clans but they are joined together against their common enemy, the orcs of the mountains. Dwarves are dwarves, rocks and gems and ale and mead and food! Give a dwarf any of these and their happy. Dwarves are also fiercely territorial and proud. They love a good brawl and think fondly of a well fought war.

The tallest dwarf known to live was 411.5tall (King Durthan from the Golvul Clan; lived 400 years ago), the average dwarves are 46. They are thick and muscular. They come in a variety of skin, eye, and hair colors. They have sharp squinty eyes and bulbous noses. They have mighty beards. The average dwarf lives for 90-100 years.

Major Clans

Golvul, Karh,Rularu, Tagud, Eacuth, Dutith, Rorkar

Lesser Clans

Dner, Dhot, Eenuth, Lobut, Oosdem, Turarth, Rortuth, Tuthu, Ratguth, Dorubth, Dosrupth, Ruhg, Mhun, Dagumth, Larug, Tegaruth, Tehulg, Gururth, Donore

Sea Dwarves

Viewed as odd by the main Dwarf Clans. The sea dwarves can swim and are boating experts. They were once a mighty clan (Puldurl) that lived on a volcanic island. The volcanos erupted and the dwarves fled to the few ships they had. Other Clans could not support their numbers and would refuse them if they sailed to close. After 500 years these dwarves adapted and became the best seamen in the world. They say about themselves, “the land rejected us because we always had too much salt in our blood.”

They look mostly similar to the other Dwarves, but they tend to be more lean (lean for a dwarf that is).


They are like humans in that they are very diverse. They tend to live in a pocket of islands south-west of the Dwarf Lands. They are either monotone and plain or eccentric as heck. They have keen senses of smell and hearing.

Halflings come in all shapes and colors. The average halfling is only 43tall. The average Halfling lives for 60-70 years.


Jungle Elves

They vary in culture and beliefs, but usually are nature worshipers and hunter-gatherers. They rarely accept outsiders. The few living near “civilized” islands have adapted to and accept some modernization.

The average Jungle Elf is 54tall. Tan to brown skin. Dark green to neon green eyes. Red to back hair. The average Jungle Elf lives for 110-120 years

High Elves

Similar to the Ming Dynasty in China in style and appearance (Think Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and The Iron Monkey). They live by a code of honor. They also live in a strict caste system. Feudalism drives the culture. They are very disciplined in all aspect of life. In all they do they work diligently.” 

A human visiting the High Elf lands many centuries ago discovered their unique martial arts and asked his guide what the men were doing. The guide replied in elvish Quang feiulwhich meant diligently working/practicing. The human heard incorrectly and misunderstood. After publishing his stories about journeying through lands of Qualinordial, the High Elf fighting style was forever referred to as Kung Fu(which just sounds like gibberish in Elvish).

They are usually as tall as humans. Very pale. Black to grey eyes. Black to white hair. Yet they adorn themselves in bright colors and flower patterns. The average High Elf lives for 115-125 years.

Drow (Dark Elves) EXTINCT

Until three thousand years ago, the Drow lived with and enslaved the other elven race (this race later split into the High Elves and Jungle Elves) on the most western two islands that currently are the home of the humans. Not much is known about the Drow. They were genocidal. Worshiped dragons (most scholars believe these “dragons” were just large crocodiles since legends of the dragons disappeared along with the Drow). Nothing is known about the disappearance of the Drow. Unfortunately (from a scholarly perspective), the humans invaded the elven lands about 100 years after the Drow disappeared. Any clues to their disappearance was wiped away during the first “Great Purging.” As the elves scattered into the jungle islands, the history of the Drow was either lost or turned into legends.

The Drow had charcoal black skin, and silver to white hair. Their eyes ranged from piercing blue to purple to blood red. Their height was from 52to 73tall. The average was 61tall.

Orgles Races

Ogres (more northern)

Large and cumbersome creatures. They are nature worshipers and hunter-gatherers. While they have below average intelligence, they are very skilled at shamanism. Their size gives them incredible strength.

76to 9tall. The average height is 82. They have pink to grey skin.

Orcs (more Northern)

These creatures are very similar to humans in intelligence, but live in hunter-gather tribes. They are highly aggressive. It is not unusual to see a few Orcs move from their clans and embrace some modernization, but the aggression remains.

Same sizes as humans. They have gray to green skin.

Goblins (disperse)

These are pack creature the below average intelligence. They are often scavengers. Very superstitious and usually lead by a larger and stronger goblin.

Pink to to gray green skin. Little to no hair. About the size of Halflings.

Beastmen Races

Trolls (dispersed)

Beast creatures that have a hunched over humanoid form. Very dimwitted but cunning in a hunt. Some in captivity have learned to speak rudimentary common. They are solitary, but might help each other take down large game (only to turn on each other once finished). They tend to be crepuscular.

They are usually hairy with a man-gorilla (with tusk) look to them.  When standing straight, they can range from 7 to 8tall. The average is 77. They are very muscular in the chest area. Light to dark gray skin, white to dark brown hair.

Lizardmen (more southern)

The creatures are similar to Trolls, however, Lizardmen are more intelligent and willingly live in small tribes with a dominant leader, but they still keep to themselves when not on the hunt or doing a tribal ritual. They are strong and have a very tough hide. They seem to speak their own language that might be augmented with some kind of limited telepathy. While they seem able to understand parts of common, they can never speak it.

Blue-gray to light-gray to dark-gray skin. Claws. Sharp teeth. Despite rumors to the contrary, they do not have tails.

Pygmies (more southern)

These are fairly intelligent clan creatures. They hunt, offer sacrifices to daemons, and very ritualistic.

Pink to yellow skin, and look a little like hairless cats.  The tallest get to 4. The average is 35.

Other Races

Teiflings (live mostly in the burning lands)

Daemons of the fire islands were and are very active. Teiflings come from pairings between a human and a daemon. Teiflings are gifted in magic, however, they are also susceptible to madness and lunacy. They are tortured beings. Often, they are easily enthralled by daemons or warlocks. If powerful enough, can themselves enthrall other creatures.

Same size, colors, and shapes as humans. They may have dark claw-like fingernails. May have sharp pointed teeth or fangs. May have red eyes that faintly glow in the dark. All will have horn ridges on their heads. Some have actual horns growing from the ridges. May have horn ridges on other parts of their bodies.


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