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The Triune

(Humans and Half-Humans)

Of The Church (l-g)

  • Deities:

    • God of Justice
    • God of Mercy
    • God of Wisdom

Commonly called The Church.The most widely practiced religion of the humans. It is also the strictest. The Triune are three equal gods who created all things. They established the church as it exist to help guide humans (and all races) into the ways of goodness and truth. The church does much good in the lands, however there is a great deal of politics higher up the leadership structure of the Church.

Daily church attendance. Ritualized prayers. Confession. Guided reading from the holy texts. Catechisms.

Church Structure: Pope > Cardinals > Archbishop > Bishop > Priest > Acolytes = Deacons > Laity

Of The Reformed (n-g)

Deity: The One

The Reformed started as a radical sect of the Church that simply believed that the Triune were really one God with multiple inexplicable aspects of himself. The sect officially formed 80 years ago.

Twenty-three years ago the sect became excommunicated when their leader, Nathan Sandstill, advocated that the laity had within them their own form of priesthood and should be allowed to read and interoperate the holy text themselves. At that point Nathan lead the sect leaders as the Pope of their new church. Pope was a nominal title. Nathan taught that from the laity, leaders should arise and be trained. All Gods people were equal. The priesthoods were still in place, only they did not have their authority as before.

Many welcomed the new religion. But the Church declared a holy war against the Reformed 19 years ago.

Nathan refused combat and took all who would fallow on a pilgrimage to the Southern island of Delwark 17 years ago. There the Church had less control there.

Marcus Zalnorai was one of Nathans high ranking paladins. He believed, as many others, that the Reformed should over throw the oppressive Church. He refused to take the pilgrimage. One fourth of the Reformed stayed with Marcus in Felthorn to fight the Church.

The Monks of Sigma (c-n or l-n)

Deity: Sigma (God of the Reformed named)

This is an off shoot of the Reformed sect. It formed seven years ago after a decade of fighting the Church. Most of the priest were fighting under Marcus.

This group of ex-paladins and clerics formed their monk sect when their leader William Bridal began preaching that in this life there was no justice. This life is given over to corruption. Judgment and justice are reserved for the after life. William preached that it was improper to force justice and morals on others. People should live life as they see fit and face proper judgment for their choices. The holy should only provide the light of truth. A city on the hill,he called it. If they come, they come. If they wonder in the darkness, then they face their fate. In the end all would be summed up, all would be balanced, all the randomness would gain order.

William led the first monks from Mataria to the island groups of Dasmire and establish a monastery on the largest of its tail island.

At first the priests had lost their faith(could not cast spells with out risk of rebound). After much study and prayers, the priests were then able to regain their abilities as William did.

Paladins and clerics found a new purpose. Protect life. All life. Free it from subjugation. Free it from alterations to their fate (both good and bad). And only kill if it will protect more lives. Other than those tenants, it is a very neutral faith. Some follow it down a path of neutral order. Some down a path of neutral chaos.

The monks themselves are usually very stoic.

About the Priests of the Triune (some of this info will change slightly)

Whatever the sect, there are three types of Priest. Mercy Priest have powers of healing and blessing. Warrior Priests (Paladins) Have powers of judgment and justice. Wisdom Priests (Clerics) have innate powers and can write, create, and cast almost any prayer spell (but are weakened when they do so). With the exception of Mercery Priest, Warrior Priest and Wisdom Priest can practice both healing and judgment.

The Eight


  • Deities:

    • Thul: Lawful-Good
    • Nular: Neutral-Good
    • Thienia (second incarnation, replaced Lielor): Chaotic-Good
    • Thar (second incarnation, replaced Sinthdel): Lawful-Neutral
    • Yezstle, The Jester: Chaotic-Neutral
    • Burlel: Lawful-Evil
    • Nusi, Keeper of Hell: Neutral-Evil
    • Dulbro, The First, The Great Evil: Chaotic-Evil

Dulbro was the first being. Within him were all attributes of order and chaos, good and evil. Dulbro explored all these attributes. He found that equality and fairness came from goodness and order. But from chaos and selfishness came immense power. But this selfish evil was limited and held back by the good and orderliness within him. He sought to purge himself of all these attributes. The first was goodness through order. However, to Dulbro’s dismay, this attribute coalesced into bodily form. Dulbro named him Thul and cast him into the sun. Next he purged from himself all evil bound by order. Again, it took form as it left his being. Dulbro named him Burlel and cast him into the shadows as an eternal rival to Thul. As each attribute was purged Dulbro named them to show his authority over them and cast them to the world. Nular of even goodness was thrown to the moon. Lielor of raw compassion was thrown to the clouds. Sinthdel of blind order was thrown to the mountains. Nusi of composed evil was thrown into the fire. And Yezstle the erratic one was left to roam the lands.

Nusi believed that his evil was greater the Dulbro’s. Nusi told Dulbro that they should divide all between them so they may both rule. Nusi wished to uses these resources to later overwhelm Dulbro. Dulbro said that the only way a division would work is to divide the living and the dead. Dulbro also said that to insure that no evil could arise that could rival their own, Nusi should take command of the damned, and become the prince of all evil. Nusi eagerly agreed. Dulbro issued him to the domain of the underworld. Only then did Nusi realize the trap. All evil that enters the land of the damned never escapes. Nusi’s rage flared and he filled the land of the damned with an eternally burning fire.

Lielor was horrified by the evil in Dulbro. She attacked him in attempt to save innocent ones he was torturing. Dulbro was enraged and killed her. Sinthdel, who loved Lielor was greatly angered. He swore revenge on Dulbro. He raised an army of lesser beings and marched on Dulbro. Sinthdel and Dulbro wrestled each other for over three hundreds years. In the end Dulbro took Sinthdel and plunged him into the sea and drowned him.

Thul and Nular, who had married, were deeply grieved by the loss of their sister and brother. Thul laid with Nular and she conceived and gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The boy they named Thar and he took the place of Sinthdel. The girl they named Thienia and she took the place of Lielor.

Other Deities

God of Earth


Deity: Durethulal (n-n)

Sometimes viewed as the missing Neutral-Neutral god. Before there were any, there was the earth.

No practicing religion. It is just an appreciation and love for the mighty land.

God of the Sea

(sea dwarves)

Deity: Culthumurl

Culthumurl is the name of the mountian chain that irrupted in several volcanos and drove the mighty dwarven clan Puldurl. Culthumurl over the generations changed from the volcanos that drove them from the land into Culthumurls will that called them to the seas. The sea dwarfs also recognize many of the Jungle Elf Daemons (usually viewing them as ill-willed since the elves call on their name in attempts to curse the dwarves).

There are several rituals and traditions that the sea dwarfs have developed to pay homage to the sea.

God of Honor

(High Elves, Some Humans)

Deity: Huna (l-n)

Huna was the mighty Jungle Elf Chieftain who learned the ways of honor from the Daemon Maythril. Through many battles and deeds Huna proved to many of the tribes that the Way of Honor was far superior to their superstitious worship of plants and earth.

Huna led the growing collection of tribes to the the islands of Qualinordial. Huna became ill on the voyage. Maythril came to Huna one night. He couldn’t bare seeing his greatest student lie dying, so Maythil granted Huna the powers of a Daemon, thus Huna became a Spiritual-Elf.

On the Norther island, Huna found many tribes of Orcs, Ogres, and goblins. Huna led his people in glorious combat, cleansing the lands of evil. On the top of the highest mountain in Saranei islands of Qualinordial, Huna struck down the mighty Orc king. It was there that Huna’s honor had become so pure and great that he transformed into a god and ascended into the great plane beyond.

Other Spiritual Beings

Angles and Demons

See Legendary Creatures


Humanoid. They can be of any alignment. Usually found inhabiting a very particular geographical location of significance to them. Some are ambivalent towards the mortal races. Some are curious and interact with the mortals. Others are more ambitious, either demanding worship or simply killing mortals for pleasure. Most Daemons seem trapped on this plane with no way of returning to their realm, while a few can go back and forth.


Smaller creatures. 1 to 3tall. They tend to be skittish around mortals. Although a few have taken to mortals and work with them. Most more along the ground and climb tree. Some can fade and appear in another location. A few of the smaller kind can fly like dragon-flies.


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